Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful way to generate web traffic and grow your business. Here are 6 reasons to invest in SEO today:

1. Long-term Effectiveness

Strategies to improve SEO continue to create success for businesses.

A number of case studies performed after the hummingbird update confirm that SEO techniques are still effective for increasing organic traffic to business websites.

Furthermore, SEO strategies have remained effective throughout the introduction of new technologies. For example, audio searches ultimately depend on keywords, just as text-based searches do. The way search engines are currently developing indicates that SEO is an effective marketing strategy for both the present and future.

2. Return of Investment

SEO is an affordable and long-term strategy that provides a high return of investment. While Google Ads and social media may initially boost traffic, these campaigns have a short life-span compared to organic search engine rankings. When you factor in the ongoing monthly cost of these strategies, Search Engine Optimization is far more sustainable. These types of advertisements can be worthwhile as an additional strategy. But you should think of SEO as the essential foundation of your online presence.

3. Healthy Profile

When search engines update their algorithms, this changes the way your website is ranked. Some of the elements that are prioritised today, were not significant several years ago. This means that the longer you neglect SEO, the more you risk future damage to your business. These algorithms also tend to favour more established sites that remain trustworthy over a period of time. If you begin to invest in SEO now, you will not only improve your ranking now, but you will put yourself in a better position to improve or maintain your ranking.
4. New Opportunities

As customer habits evolve, SEO opens up a world of new opportunities for business owners to increase traffic to their website. Local search optimisation is becoming more and more important, with the increasing number of customers who search for businesses on their mobile phones. In fact, last October, Google’s search chief Amit Singhal announced that mobile device searches had surpassed desktop searches for the first time. Today, mobile represents 65% of digital media time. This is good news for businesses that invest in SEO, as it allows them to tap into the power of local search results. It also means that businesses who don’t invest in SEO risk missing their target audience and falling behind their competitors.

5. The Increasing Use of Search Engines

A vast majority of customers use Google as their primary source for finding products and services on the web. This is why SEO significantly increases your chances of attracting visitors in ther first place.

Furthermore, 80-90% of customers use search engines to find information about products, services or businesses prior to making a purchase. Customers read your website, as well as ratings and reviews by other customers. This includes customers who find information when making decisions about an offline purchase.

Your online feedback influences your reputation in the eyes of customers, and can also influence your search engine rankings.

Investing in a good SEO strategy means that customers will be able to locate your business on Google, and furthermore,will demonstrate that your business is reputable. Customers have a range of options, and faster access to information, so you need to make sure that your brand stands out.

6. Advantage Over Your Competitors

While the benefits of SEO outlive other marketing strategies, you should still think of it as an ongoing process. Over time, search engines change, as does the competitive landscape, and your customers. Even once you achieve a high ranking, other businesses who offer similar products or services will be looking at ways to surpass yours.

As your business grows, you should be thinking about ways to improve your position, or gain an advantage over your competition.

Not only does SEO drive more visitors to your website; it also helps you keep up with competitors and build trust with customers.

While SEO is more important than ever, many businesses have yet to take their first step toward improving their search engine rankings. If you want to grow your business, SEO is the perfect place to start.