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SEO Blogs

SEO Tips and Latest Updates

This SEO Blog is an initiative by a team of SEO consultants to help the businesses learn SEO and help SEO professionals stay ahead of the SEO game. SEO tips are given by experts in the field.

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation – a marketing technique to help grow your website’s ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google is currently the most famous search engine in Australia so most SEO efforts are focused on Google.

SEO techniques help us understand the requirements of search engines, their guidelines and policies. Based on these guidelines, we can adjust and optimise a website so that it can easily be crawled and indexed by search engines.

There are over 200 factors that Google considers to rank a website higher in search results.

In this SEO blog, we will try to break it down and give you tips, strategies and techniques that will help you do SEO on your websites.

Whether you are  business owner or a new SEO consultant, you can make use of this SEO blog to learn search engine optimisation.