Some basics of Social media for business in early stages

Some basics of Social media for business in early stages

In today’s vast, ever-growing technological climate, social media has become imperative for raising awareness, connecting with consumers and broadening the possibilities for small businesses. Social media helps businesses tap into the public’s frame of mind, their interests, likes and dislikes. A more personal, intimate relationship can be established between business and customer, and the cyclical motion of a modern, fast-paced society, ensures that business stays up to date with the latest trends and competition of all involved with social media.

For a small business, creating awareness through social media is intrinsic to the company’s personality and growth. Throughout the avenues of Facebook and Twitter, a business is able to directly connect with potential clients and/or consumers and develop a rapport.

It is not simply sharing deals or products, but making the audience active, as opposed to passive. If the public feel they have a voice in light of the business’ content, they will, more often than not, respond positively and constructively.

The feedback from this helps businesses (especially new and upcoming businesses) to adjust and reinvent certain aspects of their persona and content, making themselves more appealing in the eyes of their potential buyers. The consumer, no doubt, will notice this apparent change. From there, they will see that the small, upcoming business is willing to listen, and this connection helps plant the seed for establishing a viable and trustworthy bond.

Content and social media go hand in hand, and it is extremely important the consumer realises this from the beginning. For example, on Facebook, a business’ content will uploaded Monday, Wednesday and Friday, during the day. The business should upload content either in the mornings, at lunch times, or the afternoons, which are the most active hours of people using social media.

If content is of a particular high standard, and delivered every time at these times, familiarity and consistency is established, and consumers will come to expect this. From there on, the revenue based on clicks and visitation to site links ensures the start up for profit. The advantage for a small business here is that a routine is grounded, and once a habit is enforced, it becomes hard to break, providing the business upholds its standards.

Inside a business, social media helps workmates stay connected, and ensures greater communication. If co-workers are friends on Facebook, or admins of a WordPress, or follow each other’s accounts on Twitter, then the chance for a friendly, cooperative workplace is enhanced. Productivity can increase, as the odd jobs, or something last minute, can be easily solved by a simple tag, Tweet, or PM (Private Message).

It will prove to management that co-workers are effective communicators, and instils a sense of trust in the overall cohort. Additionally, the communication within the workplace subconsciously helps members of the team when interacting in the social media domain. It is a skill that increases and improves over time, coupled with experience. An office/workplace/business with great communicators leads to greater PR (Public Relations), not just on social media, but in every faction of communication.

Lastly, social media makes a small business reach its global potential. Social media is not bound by borders, or language, and can surpass certain barriers, providing the businesses content is universal, and proves itself as a necessity. All relating factions can witness a business’ growth, from all walks of life around the globe, which only ever increases the business’ awareness.

Ultimately, social media ensures awareness for small businesses. The potential is literally endless if social media is used appropriately and consistently, coupled with great, substantive content. There are, of course, multiple ways in which social media can continue the growth of business, but awareness in the initial stages is key.