Social media tips for small businesses

Social media tips for small businesses

Most businesses nowadays already have a website and an online presence, but are you utilizing social media to grow your business? Social media is used widely for personal use, but did you know that businesses can grow by harnessing the powerful tool  of social media?

There are so many benefits to having a social media presence for your business.  Your business can  share content to their ideal audiences and use analytics to track growth and who it is reaching. Your audience will share your content across social media channels, bringing you more customers. And consumers can interact with you and as a business, you can engage with your consumers.  Using a variety of social media networks, your business can reach many thousand people all at the same time.

One factor that businesses feel hindered by is the expense of social media marketing. There are some ways to help combat this. Read below for some effective ways to grow your business using social media.


Create Social Media Profiles

First: Create a profile on a variety of social media sites. Facebook and twitter are fantastic for engaging with your audience. Linkedin is a must for every business and  will enable you to connect with other businesses as share  information with them. Instagram gives you a platform to post photos of your business and other media. Making sure you have a blog means you have a place to create great content that consumers can read and learn more about your services. Google plus is extremely beneficial to a small business because it will give you a great search ranking in Google. And: you will show up in google maps as well as allowing  customers to call for directions.

Create content For Your Business

A business cant have social media presence with out creating killer content. Write blog posts, show photos of your products and services, post videos of your business. Provide something of value to your customers, such as how-to guides, tips and tricks etc. All of which will get your business out there and enable people to share your content. If your content has value, people will share it and your business will grow as a result.


Use Social Media Tools

Using a variety of social media tools will help your business  become  more productive and  have more time to focus on other aspects of the business. There are many such tools avalible, but the most common are hootsuite and buffer. Both allow you to schedule content in advance, amylose your reach and share content. By utilising these tools, your business can post more content and by looking at the anylitics can work out the best time to post your content for maximum reach.

Stay connected with your audience

Once your business has content flowing through the social media channels, it’s time to interact with your audience. Reply to messages promptly and make sure your customers feel welcome. Have a variety of ways that customers can contact you, such as email, twitter, facebook and phone. More and more people are using twitter and facebook to ask simple sales questions, so make it a point to give them what they need.

With all these things in place, your business will experience growth. Social media is almost as important as your website. Gone are the days of word of mouth, ads in newspapers and speaking face to face with customers. Those things still take place, but it is becoming less common as we enter the digital age. With these simple tips, your business will grow and your Social Media Advertising

One way for businesses to reach large number of people is to advertise. Both facebook and twitter have paid ads, where a business can create ads to reach a target audience. The social media platform then put ads in front of these people, who will click on your website and hopefully buy your products and services. Doing this will cost some money, but is an effective way to reach many more people and grow your business.