What Is The Most Effective Marketing Technique For Your Business in 2018-19

What is the most effective marketing technique for my business? This is the questions every business owner may be asking themselves.

Of course everyone wants to know which marketing technique they should implement that can help them grow their business. But first, it is important to understand each marketing technique and how it works.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is long term strategy. You won’t get instant results but it is great and one of the best strategies to create a brand. Once you start ranking on top of search results for your desired keywords then of course SEO becomes your 24/7 lead generation system where you get leads even when you sleep. You need to ask yourself this- is there any particular keywords your users may be typing in Google to find your kind of businesses? If yes, then how important it is for you to appear on first page of Google for those keywords? If it is very important then you need SEO. If not, then move on to the next techniques.

If you need instant results then Google Ads may be right for you. Provided ads are set up right with right bidding, your ads start showing up straight away after setup. Someone clicks on your ads in Google search result, lands on your site and you hopefully get a lead. This is a quick way to generate leads though you pay for each click and sometimes you may get a click but no outcome so that money paid for the click may go in vein. Overall, if you have some offers, events or desperate to make a sale in short time then this is the right marketing technique for you.

Email marketing is also very effective provided you can write personalised genuine email copy and not spam users. It still works and you can still get leads with this technique. Also, sending regular newsletter to your already existing audience is a must. You must keep your audience updated once in a month or so about your company info, news, blogs, and tips. Creating great content is the key here.

Cold calling is all about luck and a number game. You call 100 people and if lucky one or two may be interested. You must follow the cold calling expert tips to achieve success. Even then you never know if those couple of people convert or not. And you need a regular expert tele-caller who makes calls all day. This is something not for every one however, all the other marketing techniques mentioned above can be utilised by pretty much any business to get success in their business.

Other than all of the above, radio, television ads or other direct marketing methods are out there which are of course much more expensive. I won’t go much in it though because I’m assuming if you can afford a TV ad then you wouldn’t be reading a blog to get ideas. You probably already have marketing executives with years of experience.

One last thing I would like to mention is PR (Public Relations). Have you seen those articles in Style, Bmag or any of those free magazines where they are talking about say a latest fashion designer and how they created this amazing business with a full interview and so on. That’s the results of PR. You make contacts with the journos, if accepted you pay for service and your article will be in the paper and digital version of the magazines. Again, this is also very expensive and may not be easy for just any small business. A single article on these magazines may cost more than $500 depending on the space it takes. Full page article can go up to $1500.

In case you don’t wish to go the expensive lane, free PR options are also available. If you have something newsworthy in your company then approach different journos from different online news sites and newspapers. If your story is accepted then you may get free publicity. You can of course hire a PR firm as well to do this for you.

Another option is to find the good sites which allow guest posting. Mediatimes guest post option allow you to post an article about your business/brand in just $9 which is very cost affective to be published in a popular blog site. Similarly, find and make a list of these sites where you can publish your content. This is the most cost effective way to get PR for your business.