Is SEO Good For Start-ups?

Is SEO Good For Start-ups?

It all depends on many factors. We can’t generalise that SEO is good or not so good for startups. If there is an existing market for a startup then it means there may be a few or plethora of users already looking online for their kind of product or service. There may be high search volume keywords that we can target to reach out to those users. In this case, it is definitely worth getting SEO to reach out to an existing market.

For example, At WebsiteFix, I helped a music startup who wanted to start a music show to give an opportunity to new singer Songwriters in Australia. Their target market were new singer songwriters and wanted to get more exposure in this target market. So we started looking into it. We noticed there are quite a few users searching for music shows in Brisbane, artist platforms and similar. So we found out that SEO is definitely good for this startup. As a result of SEO, we helped this startup gain exposure by getting them ranked higher in search engines mainly in Google.

Now the new singer song writers could find this startup online. As a result, they received a fair bit of entries from newcomers who wanted to apply for this music show event where newcomers would get a chance to perform live in front of a big audience.

However, if startup is absolutely a new concept and there is no one searching online for their product (directly or indirectly) then it is best to reach out to them via different methods such as Social Media marketing, Facebook Ads, and direct marketing.

Author: Vikas Rana

SEO Consultant,