9 Twitter Tips To Grow Your Brand

9 Twitter Tips To Grow Your Brand

Not all of your followers will check your tweets at the same time because not all users log in at the same time. Right? So, why post once a day and hope everyone will see your tweet?

1. Tweet multiple times– In order to get as much exposure as possible, try to tweet throughout the day mostly in working hours if your target audience is day time workers. You can use the tools like Buffer, Hoot Suite or Sproutsocial schedule tweets feature.


2. Avoid tweeting every 5 mins – Users might see it as spam. However, check your twitter insights to see how much engagement you are getting on each post. If it is good enough then you can keep tweeting multiple times. This way you can ensure your followers like to see more of you.


3. Engage with your audience- You need to search the tweets relevant to your industry. Engage with those tweets, and comment on them. And of course, always reply to comments you receive on your tweets. Ask a question in your tweets, launch polls and competitions for your followers. Reward the winners. All this invited more engagements.


4. Follow Trending Topics – Keep track of what’s hot in the online world and create content around it and then tweet. You can also use Google Trends, Facebook trends to check on the latest news or trends on the internet. Once you find them, join in on trending topics. For instance, plenty of brands and organisations tweet to support causes and movements like Women’s Day, Earth Day etc.

Don’t stress on how relevant it is to you. The topic doesn’t have to be directly related to your products and services. It can be something relevant to what your brand stands for or just something funny and quirky that you can create content around.


5. Make good use of 280 characters- In 2017, twitter increased the character limit form 140 to 280. Make sure you use this to your advantage to convey longer messages.


6. Let data do the talking! – Don’t assume and check your twitter insights every day. See what’s working and what’s not. Create more content and tweets based on this data rather than your intuition. For example, if you notice that tweets with the latest news in your industry are liked more than other tweets then you should do this more often.


7. Be part of Twitter Community – We need to understand that Twitter is not just a content distribution tool. It’s a social network brand can use to connect with their audience. A part of that is being a part of the community. Many brands make the mistake of spending very less time getting to know the Twitter ecosystem. One of the best ways to get acclimated and participate in the community is to get involved with some relevant Twitter chats


8. Create Social Media Images- Use tool like Canva to create images around your blogs, products or services. Be consistent with the template you use for those images. Being consistent with using the same colours in all those images and adding your logo is great for your brand. If you don’t have any blogs or services, then you can also add quotes or anything you want to say – put it on an image and tweet it.


9. Make lists– Twitter lists allow you to organise accounts of interest into groups. For instance, you might have a list for influencers you want to engage with, or people who follow you that are customers.

The tweets from all of the users you are following can be overwhelming. Organising the important user in the lists. So instead of seeing the latest tweets from everyone you follow, you have mini-streams you can prioritize.

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